Safina Diamante Wing Back Double Ottoman Bed in Light Pink Velvet


Our Oxford Ottoman Storage Bed is a Beautiful Hand Crafted Plush Bed a classic style Bed which represents the most perfect example of quality and class, Its a truly timeless design for perfect for anyone looking to create a luxurious bedroom….

Being one of our signature Beds this wide wingback headboard and the Footboard has chesterfield patterns completed with deep cut Diamantes .

The base of the bed has vast amount of storage, which can be easily accessed by lifting the bottom part of the base. Once opened it can be held in place by hydraulic arms, which make lifting the upper section of the bed effortless. The arms are capable of supporting up to 65kg, which means that even heavier mattresses can be lifted with ease..

Designed and manufactured in-house by our talented team, this elegant bed looks stunning in both fabric and leather and can be customised to suit your requirements


W 3ft  L 6ft

Compact Double
W 4ft L 6ft

W 4ft  L 6ft

W 5ft L 6ft 6

Super King
W 6ft L 6ft 6


W 48”