Storage in the bedroom can sometimes be hard to come by, so making the most of existing space is always advantageous. Divan beds are a fantastic way of keeping your things neatly stored away in a place that is easily accessible. Using concealed drawers that are built into the bed frame, a divan bed makes the most of the space under your bed. Perfect for keeping extra blankets, clothes and even pillows close at hand in the bedroom. Under bed storage has a lot of advantages, and the amount of storage you get from a divan bed with drawers can be surprising.

We stock a wide range of divans; the size of divan bed you choose will depend on the space you have in your bedroom or guest room, as well as who will be sleeping there.

Single divan beds are perfect for smaller spaces and for a childs bedroom, especially when it comes to keeping toys and clothes neatly stored away. Double divan beds or a king size divan bed would look great in a master bedroom, or equally a guest room that requires neat storage solutions.